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Preview: Chapter 6 of LLASP

I know it has been a long time since I updated, so I figured I would give you all a preview of the next chapter while you all waited. I should also have the next chapter of Strange Love up soon.

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Student Stories: Joseph Birch

A continuation of my student stories series. This one is on Joseph Birch, who is in Hufflepuff. The story below is an expansion on the events mentioned in the 40 random facts.

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Making My Own Decisions

This is just a short ficlet I wrote. It is just after Leofric asks out Lucy (this is a further expansion of what was mentioned in 40 random facts).

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40 Random Facts

One random fact about each of Al's classmates. Message me if you want to know anything else about a particular character and I still plan to write a short story for each of them.

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A Regulus Drabble

Something I was just musing, so I decided I would write a bit. Will this turn into a longer story? Probably not, as I have enough things to write and so little time to do it; despite how much I have meaning to write a Regulus story (as he is one of my favorite characters). Sorry for any mistakes or grammatical errors; I just typed this now without any editing or anything. Let me know what you think!

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Student Stories: Varda Charney

I am going to write short stories for each of Al's classmates, a small story just to give the idea of each person as this will be the first I have written on the other students.
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I might eventually collect these for Fanfiction.net, but for now it will be a Livejournal exclusive.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Parties & People
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Alright, I have an offer for you I will write a story, 20 Random Facts (each with an explanation) or just give general info on any character of the LLASPverse (which entails any Next Gen character, whether or not they have been seen in the story yet). For the list I had up of students in Al's year just PM me. Here is the condition though. In order to do it you have to review. Comment, criticism, whatever (but it can't just be "I like it" or "I love it" you have to say what you love or like) and I will give you any of the above offered. If you having any questions about that just PM me.

Preview for chapter 5

Here is a little sneek preview of Chapter 5. I just finished typing the entire thing (I am pretty sure this is the longest chapter yet).

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This is just a short story that I decided to write for the day.

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This is for all the veterans out there, including all of my family that has served. Our veterans have given something that we take for granted sometimes, forgetting the price it costs.