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Student Stories: Joseph Birch

A continuation of my student stories series. This one is on Joseph Birch, who is in Hufflepuff. The story below is an expansion on the events mentioned in the 40 random facts.

Joseph had been so excited. His father--the great Quidditch player, Captain of the Tutshill Tornadoes--was finally going to see him compete. Joseph had been training his team extra hard in the weeks leading up to the match; they had trained in the rain on multiple occasions. How proud his father was going to be when Joseph won the Quidditch Cup.

Then Nia led a crushing defeat against him. Hufflepuff didn't just lose by a little either; it was an absolutely crushing defeat. All their extra practice hadn't been able to help them against the Gryffindor team one bit.

Nia had known Joseph's dad was going to be there, but she ensured it was a crushing defeat anyway. Not that Joseph wanted Nia to let him win--he would never expect that of her--but she could have at least made it a less humiliating defeat.

Needless to say, that was the end of that relationship. His father had been kind about the defeat, but Joseph knew he was disappointed. His father had expected Joseph to be a great Quidditch player like himself, and Joseph had come nowhere close to showing even a hint of that in the match.