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Preview: Chapter 6 of LLASP

I know it has been a long time since I updated, so I figured I would give you all a preview of the next chapter while you all waited. I should also have the next chapter of Strange Love up soon.

There and Back Again
(aka Not a Hobbit's Tale)
Lily was upset to see me go, but my journey from home to Hogwarts was not as bad as the first time; in fact, I had been quite excited to return to school. Of course, once I arrived and classes started once again I was not overly excited. At first I seemed doomed to live out the rest of winter in complete boredom, but that opinion quickly shifted starting on the fifteenth of January.

The interesting, though  not altogether pleasant, events began that morning at breakfast. Lucy had been coughing for the past week; it was nothing much at first (it always begins like that), but by the fifteenth it sounded like she was trying to cough up a lung. Then, very suddenly, she vomited all over the table. And there went my boring winter (and my appetite).

Rose quickly rushed Lucy to the hospital wing, and McGonagall quickly cleaned up the table (though everyone at the table found they no longer felt like eating breakfast). So, Scor and I decided to check on Lucy. We made our way to the hospital wing in shocked silence--the events at the morning had not completely processed for the two of us yet.

We arrived at the hospital wing to find Luce already in one of the beds in the long row on the left. There was only one other occupant--a blond-haired Slytherin in our year who I vaguely thought might be named Leofric.Rose had pulled up a chair next to her and Madame Pomfrey was flitting about the room such that she reminded me of a bird building a nest. Scor and approached carefully, but we could not get within ten feet of Lucy without being ordered back by Pomfrey. Eventually, the time came that Scorpius, Rose, and I had to attend classes, so had to leave Lucy without knowing what was wrong and promises to om and visit her as soon as we could.

Classes seemed to drag on forever while we wondered about Luce. When morning classes finally finished we hurried back to the hospital wing. Lucy was in bed, looking perfectly bored. She was now the sole occupant of the hospital wing and her face lit up when she saw us. The three of us took up seats around her.

“How have classes been without me today?” Lucy asked, looking relieved to have some form of entertainment, even if it was only small talk (also, Lucy was the Queen of Small Talk).

“Wretchedly boring,” Scorpius replied for the three of us.

“But I took notes for you and got the assignments you have missed so far,” Rose said, always the one to think of school work at a time such as this.

“So, what’s the diagnosis?” I asked. “Are you going to die tomorrow? Should funeral arrangements be made?”
“A minor case of warlock’s flu, Mr. Potter, nothing to worry about,” Madame Pomfrey interrupted, “but in order for Ms. Weasley here to recover she needs to take her potion.” Pomfrey handed Lucy a cup with a thick, orange liquid sloshing inside. Lucy wrinkled her nose at it, but drank it in one large gulp.